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Balance, Direction, and Extension


There are a number of ways to explain pitching mechanics as well as a number of things to work on. The idea is how do we simplify mechanics? I believe the answer lies with three words; Balance, Direction, Extension.

Effort and Work Ethic

Effort and Work Ethic - Featured Image

I find it almost funny sometimes that athletes think they can put in work 1-2 days a week and be great. Sure, there are some natural athletes with God given talent that were born to throw 98mph. But that is a rarity. If you’re not willing to put the time in, you can’t expect to achieve the results you desire. Not all days are easy and it’s the days that are tough, the ones you have to grind through, that reveal what type of athlete you are.

Play Catch With A Purpose

Play Catch With A Purpose - Featured Image

Playing catch is more than just warming your arm up. It is a time to work on the little things you know you need to get better at. To put things in perspective, if you make 100 throws while playing catch before practice, that’s 100 times you can be working on things such as your front side, location, grips, balance, etc. The time you spend playing catch is the most time you’ll have to work on something to make you better.

Work On, Build On

Work On, Build On - Featured Image

Here’s the idea behind the Work On/Build On mindset. First, be honest with yourself. Critique your performance. What did you do really well? Was anything just awful? What could you have done better?



Great pitchers have great tempo. They control the game, get into a good rhythm, and have a great mound presence. Tempo is what keeps the game moving and helps rid the feeling of the game dragging on and on. Your team feeds off that and it helps them focus better both offensively and defensively.