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I Have 10 Different Pitches

I Have 10 Different Pitches - Featured Image

The first thing I’d say to a young pitcher telling me he has 10 different pitches is this; No you don’t. Now 10 pitches is an exaggeration, but the same response would apply to a pitcher who said he has more than 3 pitches.

Develop An “Out” Pitch

Develop An “Out” Pitch - Featured Image

A successful pitcher has to have a pitch that they can go to in order to get a hitter out. What this means is you need to develop either a change-up or some type of breaking ball that you can not only throw for a strike consistently, but can be used when you need to get a hitter out.

Get A Grip


One thing we don’t often think about is making sure we have a good grip on the ball. Some pitchers don’t truly realize just how important this little part is. We have a tendency to rush at times in a number of ways.

Sharp Pitches

There are two main goals a pitcher should have in mind with each pitch. The first and most important goal is to locate your pitch. The second should be to get movement on the baseball.

Miss The Barrel

We all want to throw 95mph and blow it by hitters, but the truth is that’s not in the cards for most of us. It makes us feel good when we throw a pitch and the hitter swings and misses. But for the rest of us, we can’t always get away with that. This is why our goal shouldn’t be to miss the bat, it should be to miss the barrel of the bat.