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Take A Breath

Take A Breath Featured Image

Learning how to breathe is important to having success on the mound. The pitcher’s mound can feel like the loneliest place in the world at times.

Effort and Work Ethic

Effort and Work Ethic - Featured Image

I find it almost funny sometimes that athletes think they can put in work 1-2 days a week and be great. Sure, there are some natural athletes with God given talent that were born to throw 98mph. But that is a rarity. If you’re not willing to put the time in, you can’t expect to achieve the results you desire. Not all days are easy and it’s the days that are tough, the ones you have to grind through, that reveal what type of athlete you are.

Mental Strength and Resilience


We all know baseball is a very mental game. There have been many talented athletes that failed to meet expectations not because they don’t have the talent

Concentration Grid

Concentration Grid - Featured Image

In the baseball world, there is a common phrase: control what you can control. But what does that really mean? You may think there are multiple things you can control but it all comes back to one simple yet complex thing, your mind.

Sitting The Bench

Sitting The Bench - Featured Image

“Oh man, why is my son not starting.” “Why am I being benched right now?” Those questions are far too common for parents and players alike.

Just Not Feeling It

Just Not Feeling It - Featured Image

There will come a time when you get on the mound and just don’t have your stuff that day. Well guess what? The game of baseball, or anyone else for that matter, doesn’t care one bit. You don’t have a feel for your breaking pitch, your change-up keeps sailing, and/or you don’t have your good 2-seam or 4-seam fastball that you normally rely on. So what do you do then? Ask the other team to take it easy on you and give you a break because you don’t have your best stuff that day?



It is truly amazing to watch some athletes accomplish things no one believed they could. They could be less talented, undersized, and lack overall athleticism, but yet somehow they accomplish goals. Why? Simply because that athlete believes in themselves. They believe that no matter what obstacle gets in their way, they will figure out a solution. That is the biggest difference between those who play at a higher level versus those who do not.

The Fear Of Failure


The question is, how do we make our pitches better? The answer actually lies within a series of questions coming from you directly. Whenever you are playing catch with either a pitcher or catcher, ask them about your pitches. The answer they give you, whether you like it or not, is great feedback.